Forever 21

Topics: Fashion, Clothing, Button Pages: 3 (1010 words) Published: November 7, 2011
Few places in the world have stores where you can find quality, fashionable clothing at a discount retail store price. However, in 1984 a store emerged that would sell trendy, high fashion clothes that could be affordable to middle and even lower class citizens. This store was first established in Los Angeles, California and was named Fashion 21. Today this popular store is now known as Forever 21 and has almost 1,000 stores worldwide. Forever 21 is not just a great store because of the prices of their clothing, but also because they keep up with the latest fashion trends and their wide selection in clothing.

If you’re a woman you understand what prices are like to buy clothing. A simple pair of jeans could cost you $60, or a dress could cost you over $100. These standards are not held at Forever 21. If you wanted to buy a pair of jeans at Forever 21, the most it would cost you would be $25; that’s $35 of savings. This is just one example of how Forever 21 has clothes at a low price. Forever 21’s low prices are also seen when shopping online. If you purchase clothing online that is $50 or more, you will get your purchase with free shipping. Forever 21 also has daily deals online which discount various items for that day. Also online, they have a section called “Fabulous Finds” which will show you clothing you can buy for dirt-cheap. Not only do they have free shipping for $50 or more and “Fabulous Finds” but they also have great clearance items both online and in-store. They have a wide variety of clearance items including shoes, accessories, and everything in between. You can easily get a bunch of clothes and accessories for only $100, and not only will you be a bargain shopper, but you will also be very trendy with the clothes that you have purchased.

Forever 21 not only has clothing for an inexpensive amount of money, but they also have clothing that is current on the latest trends in fashion. A lot of the outfits that you see celebrities wearing in...
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