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The Difference Between France and China

1. Brief introduction to France and China

I come to Burgundy School of Business as an exchange student from china. And i have been thinking about this exchange program since i am a sophomore. i long to experience the culture there and want to know what is the difference between these two countries.

In fact, i was attracted by france because of one french movie—La Boum, which is starred by Sophie Marceau. This movie took place in paris and mainly talked about the calf love among young students in middle school. This movie was very popular at a time in Asia and the classic shot where leading actor and actress ran to each other became a forever moment. The buildings and people in this movie impressed me deeply and I saw a different life from me. After watching this movie, i had the thought of going to paris and see what is going on inside this city. Since then, i began to collect all the pictures about this city and this country, dreaming about standing in front of the Eiffel tower in some day.

This year, i realized my dream and had an opportunity of studying in dijon for at least 1 year which makes it possible for me to fully experience the culture there. Time flies, i even didn’t realize today is already my second month in dijon, it is like i am getting used to the life there and be ready to explore the new world. And just think back, so many interesting things happened and i’ve seen a lot of beautiful view.

Here in this paper, i will say something different between france and china based on my personal experience in france, especially in dijon, during these two months.

1.1 France

France is a country located in western Europe and have been attracting people all around the world since the beginning of its establishment. This beautiful country has many places that worth paying a visit, and it goes without saying that Eiffel Tower is the most famous one. Every year, countless people come to paris just to have a look at this symbol of romance and take numerous photos to memorize the precious moment. Also, France is famous for its wine and wine culture, i don’t think there is people who do not love french wine. What’s more, It is like that France is now the capital of dream and capital of romance, and you cannot specify the reasons why you think like that, maybe, the phenomenon and culture there make you feel like that without thinking and it is exactly where its charm lays.

1.2 China

China, of course, is a very big country and has the most population in the world. Since i grow up in China and i am so familiar with her that i even don’t know what i should say about her. This is a little bit strange, but on the other hand, i think maybe because there is too much to say and i feel overwhelmed. Speaking of china, you must think of panda. Yes, panda is one of the most popular symbols of china, and there're a large number of people all over the world who are huge fans of this cute animal. Pandas are also given by chinese government as a gift to other countries in order to strengthen the relationship between the two countries. Besides, China has a very long history and that is why china has such comprehensive culture toward people, life, and universe. there are numerous wisemen arising from chinese history and their ideas are still useful and full of wisdom even seen by us today, like Confucius and Sun Tzu. Nowadays, china is developing at an amazing speed and plays an more and more important role on the world stage.

The Difference Between France and China

2.1The Difference in Food

To be honest, there is great difference in food between france and china. However, i have to say that they both taste good. And i think this difference can mainly contribute to four aspects: ingredients, way of cooking, time of lunch and dinner, dinner manners.

To begin with, it is the difference in...
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