Getting Dressed

Topics: Clothing, Trousers, Zipper Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: November 12, 2013
Getting Dressed
Getting a child dressed in the morning can be a hassle at times, especially if you’re in a rush. Having clothes already laid out will assist with the morning routine and getting dressed and ready on time. If you involve your child in the decision to pick out the clothes they have to wear it will improve their desire to get dressed. The following steps demonstrate how to get dressed at the start of the day. Keep in mind that clothing may vary according to weather and daily activities. Materials Needed:

Bag for extra clothes
Socks (pack extra)
Underwear (pack extra)
Pants (pack extra)
Shirt/ long sleeve
Preparing/Choosing Clothes
Set out clothes that are appropriate – don’t send a child outside with shorts in the middle of winter. •Set out a pair of socks – plus and extra in case socks get wet/or an accident happens. •Underwear that are comfortable – plus an extra in case of an accident. •Pants – be sure to put your child in a pair of pants they can manage themselves; no zippers or buttons if the child has not yet learned these skills. •Shirt can be a t-shirt or long sleeve – moisture resistant clothing will help keep children warm by drawing moisture away from the skin. •Sweater – be sure to put your child in a sweater they can manage themselves; no zippers or buttons if the child has not yet learned these skills. Getting Dressed

Setting out Clothes
1.Set out clean underwear (or pull-ups/diapers – according to what stage your child is at). 2.Set out a pair of warm socks
3.Set out pants (keep in mind elastic, buttons and zippers – ensure your child is able to do up/undo their clothing) 4.Set out shirt (long sleeve or t-shirt)
5.Set out sweatshirt
Putting on Clothes
* Note: Having clothes already laid out, and letting your child help choose the clothes they will wear usually makes dressing time easier. Underwear (or Pull-ups/Diapers – depending on the child’s stage) 6....
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