Goddess of Fashion

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Tammy Vien
February 11, 2013
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Goddess of Fashion

Endymata is the Greek goddess of fashion. Endymata was the daughter of Athena. Young Endymata was first found by emerging from Athena’s blue and gold toga which Athena was sleeping in Endymata came to be as a very young adult. Athena did not know she had had a daughter, since Endymata just ran off after sprouting about her mother’s outfit. Endymata was walking about Athena’s palace, and then some of Athena’s guards spotted her thinking she was a mortal intruder. They escorted her out of Athena’s palace and when they were very close the exit of Mount Olympus, Endymata attempted to break free of the guards’ arms, but failed. She tried escaping again and broke loose with the guards chasing her. The guard then used their powers to make her go to sleep and forget everything that happened that evening.

Endymata awoke in the middle of a cobblestone road in the city of Athens, she felt very lost and confused since she does not remember anything about herself or where she came from. She was a lonely orphan with no family to help support her, so she then found herself an orphanage for her to thrive in. The orphanage rarely had anything for the orphans to do since they did not have much money, because of that the orphans wander around picking trash. Endymata usually went to a temple to pray to Athena, so she could remember her past. In the middle of the day, Endymata found herself some sewing utensils and clothing material she took them as a sign from Athena. That night when it was time for them to sleep, she started sewing and sewing and created a very gorgeous garment for women. The orphanage matron, Melita, was very surprised of Endymata’s elegant work of clothing attire. Melita had an idea of making their place like a tailor, so she spent the last bits of the orphanage’s money to get the materials for making clothes. She forced all the other orphans to create their own designs, but none of...
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