Good Education vs. Bad Education

Topics: Education, Teacher, High school Pages: 6 (2064 words) Published: September 12, 2010
Persuasive Research Paper
By; Karen Elzy
Date: July 25, 2010
Course: COM 220
Teacher: Sherry Ann Smith

Good Education vs. Bad Education
Does one think he or she can get very far without having a great education? Statistics shows that people with a great education are much more successful than those who do not receive a great education. Many people who graduate from high school and college are guaranteed to get a better job and higher position than those who have never finish their high school or college education. There are some teachers, doctors, lawyers, journalists, and many other higher educated people who have succeeded with farther education than people who wish not to succeed and not get an education. Good education is better than bad education because the outcome will be much greater with a good education than with a bad one.

Nelson Mandela stated that, “Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world.” This is true. Every human should want to be educated, because the world is full of technology which influences our world greatly. People who are not educated enough will surely be uniformed and left behind in today’s society. Technology is in business officers, schools, hospitals, doctor offices, stores, homes, and many other places. Today, the school systems start off with teaching the students how to use computers in kindergarten. The students are using this knowledge that they have learned from school and relating it to their parents. Parents should keep their children in school so they can learn everything which being taught by the instructor, and by doing this, the outcome will be rewarding. Teachers are a gift to students and parents because they are teaching the students everything that there is to learn about education. Without teachers, students will not learn the knowledge they need to succeed in this world without a good education.

Many surveys show that a good teacher from the 1920-1980’s are more experienced in age in teaching than those teachers who are fresh out of college. Older teachers have more experience and knowledge in child development than college teacher who just beginning and this really matters. Many new teachers cannot explain problems to their students when they write it on the broad. This is what I call bad education, because the student cannot figure the problem out either. When students are failing because of these situations this is when the teacher should call the parent in to see if they could work out a way to help solve this problem together. Many teachers today are not concern about the outcome of their students, so it is very important for the parent keep in contact with that teacher and their child grades. This is when bad education is a part of the student and the teacher who is teaching. Many student drops out of school because of lack of consistency they receive.

Having a good education will ensure one to have a better job than anyone who does not have an education. By continuing one’s education and getting a college degree, applying for major jobs will not be such a hassle. The reason being is because most companies directly look at the education section of an application or resume. The perks with having a good job will be such as: paid vacations, top salaries, 401k, good insurance packages, and many others. Many people may start out in a great established company and learn everything about it; then continue or progress their own business and become more successful than that previous business. Having knowledge causes all these successes. How can one have a good job without learning skills from education? Many jobs are skilled and furthering education will help with a much more skilled jobs or profession.

Encouraging education by talking to the students will bring love, wealth, values, and family respect. When students feel they do not have any encouragement they will drop out of school, some will go to jail,...

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