Greco-Roman Influence

Topics: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: February 11, 2011
Greco-Roman Influence
Inez Barnes History 103 World Civilization 1 Instructor: Kenneth Adderley
February 17,2011
Greco- Roman Influence
The Mediterranean society under the Greeks and Romans was very much alike but also different in many ways, both their customs and ways prominently reflect our today living status. The rise of the Byzantine that lasted about 1000 years, it help indirect alter the Western World from both the Greeks and Romans because of the fall of the Roman Empire. Because of both the Greeks and Romans power due to their position and wealth exerted the influence on the Western World the way our society runs today by modern science, philosophy, using logic and reasoning, entertainment, and new forms of government. The Greeks are known as the birthplace of democracy because of the Greeks ascendency of how they invented and found out democracy. Although, the Greeks founded democracy the Romans help inherit the government. The Romans function the government much differently than we do today it is still based in Roman democracy that it gives the power to the citizens. Nearly corresponding to be today’s government buildings and banks, the Romans and Greeks made their buildings similar. Having the same resemblance both the Greeks and Romans was into the entertainment, philosophy, superstitions, and pagan religion but they both was diverse in their architecture and war. The Romans was always engaged in combat. The Greeks especially the Athenian’s, was very powerful because of their superior culture they didn’t have much of engagement with others. The conclusion to this matter is that the Mediterranean society under the Greeks and Romans help effect our today of life. References

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References: Bentley, J.H., Zeigler, H. F. Streets, H. E (2008)
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(Ashford University) Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill
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