Greek Woman 300 B

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Ashar Chaudhry
Greek Woman (300 B.C – 500 A.D)

Agezystrata Queen of Sparta (Greece): Married to king Eudamidas II of Sparta and was the mother of king Agis IV (ruled 244-241). She was very rich and helped her son by country reforms. Agis IV had to convince his mother about his plans because of her authority in the city. She was murdered with son and mother in 241 B.C. Circa 233 Queen Deidamia II of Epiros (Greece)

Deidamia or Laodamia was daughter of Pyrrhus II of Epirus, king of Epirus. She had a sister, Nereis, who married Gelo of Syracuse. During a rebellion in Epirus her sister sent her 800 mercenaries from Gaul. Part of the Molossianssupported her, and with the aid of the mercenaries she briefly took Ambracia. After the death of her father and that of her uncle Ptolemy, she was the last surviving representative of the royal Aeacid dynasty. She threw herself into Ambracia, but was induced by the offer of an honourable capitulation to surrender. The Epirotes, however, determining to secure their liberty by extirpating the whole royal family, resolved to put her to death; she fled for refuge to the temple of Artemis, but was murdered. The date of this event cannot be accurately fixed, but it occurred during the reign of Demetrius II in Macedonia (239–229 BC), and probably in the early part of it. Agiatis Queen of Sparta 244 B.C-224 B.C (Greece)

Heiress to the substantial property of her father Gylippus. Until 241 she was married to king Agis IV and supported his reforms in country. Her second husband was king Cleomenes III (235-222), was heavily influenced by her. He sympathized with his wife's devotion to Agis and her remembrance of him. Consequently he often asked about what had happened, and paid careful attention when she explained Agis' purpose and policy. She died in 224. Archidamia Queen of Sparta 244 B.C-241 B.C(Greece)

She was very rich and helped her grandson by country reforms. Murdered in 241. She was one of a number of Spartan...
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