Growing Up

Topics: Childhood, Preadolescence, Clothing Pages: 1 (449 words) Published: December 2, 2012
The “tweens” which some refer to them are the 12-14 year olds who are in the awkward stage between childhood and being a teenager. As they don’t yet have the age to be classed as a teenager, they are stuck in the middle. However with the influence from the media, this is changing. When can see in this quote what Bruce Friend thinks of this; "The 12- to 14-year-olds of yesterday are the 10- to 12-'s of today," says Bruce Friend, a vice president of the kids' cable channel Nickelodeon. The Nickelodeon-Yankelovicht Youth Monitor found that by the time they are 12, children describe themselves as "flirtatious, sexy, trendy, athletic, and cool." It is proven by the department of education that 88% of parents believe that their children are being forced to grow up to fast. Before the “tweens” where still acting as children but in the recent years this has changed especially in girls. Now we see them trying to act like teenagers, where they dress in tight clothes, wear lots of make-up and hang around with people older them. Thus a side effect of this is that they attract the attention of adults in their early to mid-twenties, which lead to them being in situations which they cannot get out of. Yet with parents starting work early in the morning and not returning to quite late at night, it is no wonder what is happening to these children, many feel loneliness as they believe that their parents do not care what they do and how they behave. Then they are told off for trying to grow up to fast. You wonder why they don’t just turn round and say you made me this way. As they are forced to take up responsibilities which are more suited to an adult or even a teenager. These children want to feel accepted among the older teenagers and want to feel cool. With parents not being there to support and give advice it is no wonder these children turn to the internet and other forms of media for social interaction and were they see if they dress a certain way or speak a certain they...
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