Half a Day

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Bulgaria, Romania Pages: 3 (437 words) Published: March 15, 2013

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Stearns Chapter 9 pgs. 193-210

Civilization In Eastern Europe: Byzantium and Orthodox Europe

1) What were the two major Christian Civilizations that took shape in Europe?

2) How did the significance of the Byzantine Empire go beyond its ability to keep Rome’s memory alive?

3) During the postclassical millennium what portions of eastern Europe were significantly more advanced than the West?

The Byzantine Empire

A) Origins of the Empire
1) When did the Byzantine Empire begin and how was Constantinople a vigorous center?

B) Justinian’s Achievements
1) Describe Justinian’s character and/or personality.

2) Describe the influence of Theodora on Justinian’s rule.

3) What were Justinian’s positive contributions to the Byzantine Empire?

4) What was the importance of unified law?

5) How did the Byzantines hope to restore power in north Africa?

C) Arab Pressure and the Empire’s Defenses
1) Explain how the Arab people were able to take some control away from the Byzantine Empire.

2) What were the new economic burdens as a result of Muslim wars?

D) Byzantine Society and Politics
1) Explain how the Byzantine political system had remarkable similarities to the earlier patterns in China.

2) Describe the complex set up of the centralized imperial authority.

3) What did the social and economic aspects of the Byzantine society depend on?

4) What was the center of Byzantine cultural life and why was it important?

E) The Split Between East and West
1) Why was their hostility toward Charlemagne?

2) What was the last cause of the split between the Roman...
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