haute couture evaluation

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What Challenges have you faced from your fabric choice?
I haven't encountered many challenges with my fabric in this assignment except for the stretch fabric used to make the singlet shirt. The material used for the track pants and hoodie were both very easy to sew with, i actually really enjoyed sewing the fleecy cotton. The material i did have a bit of trouble sewing with was the cotton and elastane knit fabric that was quite stretchy. It was hard to sew straight with this material as it was very thin and unsteady. I did pull through in the end and i think the singlet shirt made from the stretch material turned out fine. What Changes did you have to make to your patterns and were there any challenges? The first garment i made was the maroon track pants. I changed the original pattern in quite a few ways, I added elastic to the bottom on the pant, put a drawstring into the waist with the elastic and added pockets to the outside of the garment instead of having pockets on the inside of the garment as the pattern has. I also added a print to the left hand pocket. With the second garment i made, but couldn’t finish because i didn’t have the right materials, the only thing i changed was to have the pockets finished with overlocking instead of turning the fabric under. The final garment, the stripy singlet shirt, i actually didn’t use a pattern for, i traced one of my existing singlet shirts and made it that way. I really like that way of doing it because with that you know exactly what the end product will look like and how it will fit before you start sewing because you already have one. What Construction Techniques did you use to create a sportswear, what were the challenges with these techniques?

I had to insert a pocket into one of my garments, which is inserted onto the pants. Also we had to use overlocking. Although overlocking is my favorite way to sew because then you don’t have to worry...
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