health disparities

Topics: Health care, Health, Health disparities Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: January 26, 2014
Maria J Garcia
Health Disparities

Now a days it is very common that people’s health depends on their income rate, social environment and the area we live in, and now the mortality rate is very remarkable between areas of the community, what does the mortality rate has to do with our location? Here in San Antonio, diabetes mortality rate is very high but it is higher in some places than others, and this is because a person’s income influences their location, according to research data about diabetes mortality rate in Bexar county, areas that are located in the north have a lower mortality rate in the county. To compare the mortality and income rate between zip codes, I choose a zip code from an area of lower diabetes mortality rate and another one from an area with a higher rate. 78232 is a zip code located in the north side of the county, here the mortality rate is lower than in other areas, and 78237 which is located in the center, according to data in “community facts” the income rate in both areas changes significantly, people located in 78232 make an average of 65,887 a year and in 78237 drops to an average of 25,703 a year, so according to that information, where the income is higher, the mortality rate is lower, that is what also influences a person’s social group, and living areas, people live in places where they have access to all the accommodations they can afford to live better. According to the article “Social status has a measurable effect on health” studies show what are the main causes of health disparities, mostly in the united states, even though health care has improved a lot and it is better than years before, not everybody can get it, and that is because some people have a lower income rate and cannot afford it as easy as someone with a higher rate, and that also influences a person’s location in the community which may lead to unhealthy environments such as toxic substances, violent household, dangerous working place and stress, so...
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