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In his article “Caught In The Hipster Trap’ from the LA Times, Steven Kurutz describes in vivid detail, the horrific realization that he has become a hipster, or in his own words a “slavish adopter of trends.” At 30 years old, everything from shoes, to jeans and glasses, and even his cherished knit cap, which he wore for years, is now a hipster essential. Clothing is no longer the only requirement to be labeled a follower, as Kurutz continues to explain how even having a beard would stereotypically confine him to the “rugged breed of hipster who stalks the mountains and hollers of Williamsburg and Silver Lake.” If you were to wear oversized mesh sports jerseys, or if you dressed “like a middle-aged tourist”, you would still be labeled a hipster in certain circles. Kurutz is explaining how “hipsterification” has expanded even beyond the levels of fashion and style. Everything from your favorite hobbies, to the latest IPhone that everyone must have, even the large DSLR cameras that are converting Instagram users into professional photographers these days, and those on the other side of the spectrum purchasing old school film cameras. No style or hobby is safe from falling into the category of “Hipster”.

When I hear the word “Hipster” I assume a more negative connotation, such as “unoriginal”, or “follower”. I agree with Kurutz when he says what keeps him going is the “few clothing styles or other forms of self-expression that haven’t yet been co-opted by hipster culture”, but I don’t believe you should worry about what anyone else is wearing. I buy clothes based on how they fit, and if I feel that the outfit is ME. I dress and act to express myself and establish myself as an individual, even if I’m wearing a sweater that a million people own, I don’t know them so why should I care? People should not be influenced by what others are wearing or what others are calling “cool”. If someone was to eat something that you didn’t like, and they got a huge following...
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