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The Roman Empire, one of the biggest empires of the ancient world, was a strong and growing empire. However, it fell after many years of glory. Why did it fall? Was it because of attacks, failing economy, many unemployed? These all lead to one point, expansion. Or was it struggles over power? Even though the Roman Empire got more land, resources, and labor from expanding, the expansion led to the thinning out of resources and power, as well as a failing economy due to unemployed plebeians; lastly Rome’s defenses were weakened.

Through the empire’s expansion Romans took more land and resources but with more land resources are used up faster, such as grain supplies. As the empire expanded they gained more land, which leads to more people. With more people the empire had to feed more mouths, and since their economy was more of a Raubwirtschaft, meaning they depleted an area of resources rather than producing anything new. This led to the fast consumption of resources. However, the empire did have some imports to Rome itself which were grain, wine, and olive oil. Although they had imports to from Africa, Asia, and Europe (Doc 3), most of the imports went to the plebeians’ panem ET circenses which left the economy in poor shape. As well as resources the Romans were also spread out on military power. The spreading out of soldiers meant that more soldiers were needed; this led to the mass producing of supplies making them not as great quality materials. However, these soldiers were auxiliary units, the less trained soldiers. This left the borders of the empire very weak and allowed barbarians such as the Huns and “pillage the camp of their enemy almost before he has become aware of their approach.”(Doc 5-6) This leads to the cease of resources exported from that area.

As the empire expanded more and more, slaves were imported from the foreign territories to work in patricians’ fields, which led to many plebeians losing their jobs. As a result:...
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