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The Great Schism : The Reasons for the Separation of the Eastern Church and the Western Church

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Table of Contents
1, language,
2, Politics
3, Trade
4, Christological heresies
5, Papal Supremacy
6, Filioque
7, Conclusion
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The earth is not a paradise. We are living in a world that is fallen. As we know of what the bible says is that eventually it is all going to rot or decay. But as humans we are in a constant pursuit of restoring once that was lost. And so we end up in the religion of restoration. Mans desire is always a hope of getting to the right place, right situation or identity. When we see the church, we don't see a clear picture in the Bible. But we do see glimpses of it. We don't see the structure of how church should be built, or what it should be called as, though the literally meaning of it is an assembly. Which means in a collective form. It does speak of an hierarchy but calls us to be a kingdom of priests. Paradoxes and misunderstood scriptures that have made a way for traditions to take root in the church in its being. This gives us a glimpse of our understanding of the topic of the schism in the eastern church and the western church. Both the churches are genuine in getting its ground right to the first century church. The western church, with its center at Rome, under the Pope who is also known as the bishop and in the East it is the Patriarch, who is head of the church. But in this paper it is important that we know the difference of the churches for the split. There have been many difference that are evident in either of the churches, since the early break away starts for the first third century. That is from the time of Arius and his teaching on the nature and divinity of Christ. Theses division leading all the way till the time of 1054 and beyond. which was a certain split that was documented. There were times when this division could be amended but finally in 1204, the attempts of restoration broke during the time of the crusaders destroying the city the were supposed to protect, the fall of Constantinople. (Ware, 45) the rest of the paper will be dealing with a few factors that are responsible for the big divide of the eastern church and the western church or best known as the “Great Schism”

1, language,
We have often heard of the evolution of languages, we have living languages and dead languages. Meaning, those that are spoken and written today, and those that are only in scripts. The roman church adopted Latin as the official language of the church during the council of Trent 1545-63(Waterworth), and to which to this current day and age they still use the Latin bible that was once written by Jerome, known as the latin vulgate. and the Eastern church had Greek but as a church adopted the Syraic and Palestinian Aramaic because it was the language that Jesus Christ spoke. Christian Barrigar in his book on the theological investigations, addressing the trinitarian language speaks of “ the search for a language by which to talk about God is one of the per-eminent occupations of theology today” (Barrigar, 130). this became a major case for the churches to show their superiority of the language....

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