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Topics: Byzantine Empire, Roman Empire, Justinian I Pages: 2 (304 words) Published: April 13, 2014
Italy, Sicily, northwestern Africa, and southern Spain were brought back under imperial control by the military victories of A. Theodora
B. Belisarius
C. Basil II
D. Charlemagne

Constantinople withstood sieges in 674-678 and 717-718 by
A. The Sasanids
B. The Gauls
C. The Russians
D. Arabic forces

One of the causes of Byzantine resurgence was the political innovation wherein a general was given military and civil control over an imperial province or A. Theme
B. Sasanid
C. Corpus
D. Satrapy

The Byzantine ruler who led a resurgence of power in the eleventh century by crushing the Bulgars was A. Theodora
B. Belisarius
C. Basil II
D. Justinian

In the year 962, Otto of Saxony
A. Accepted the sovereignty of the Byzantine emperors
B. Created a written alphabet for the Slavic people
C. Expanded the scope of Byzantine influence by translating Justinian's code into German D. Claimed to rule as emperor of the old western half of the Roman Empire

Justinian's issuance of the Corpus iuris civilis
A. Won recognition as the definitive codification of Roman law B. Outlawed the Greens and Blues
C. Brought immediate excommunication from the pope
D. Inspired the First Crusade

The term Greek fire refers to
A. The devastating fire that swept through Constantinople in 1013 B. The passionate Byzantine loyalty to Greek philosophy
C. The smallpox epidemic that hit Constantinople in the twelfth century D. The Byzantine incendiary weapon

Basil II crushed the Bulgars in 1014 at the Battle of
A. Manzikert
B. Kleidion
C. Constantinople
D. Kerbala

The wife of Justinian, who proved to be an invaluable adviser, was A. Belisarius
B. Livia
C. Hagia Sophia
D. Theodora

A direct challenge to the Byzantine emperor arose in the year 800 when the pope gave an imperial crown to the Frankish king, A. Otto of Saxony...
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