History of Clothing

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A History of Clothing
Long long ago, in a time very different from the one today, two cavemen, Borg and Org, were out looking for something tasty to eat. They had just realized that they could use a rock-sharpened stick to help kill the wild game that roamed their forest home. They were now in for another invention. As they trekked through the wilderness, they did not find their way to grandma’s house, no, they got hopelessly lost, with no GPS to call upon they settled in a pleasant clearing for the night. As the night drew in upon them, both Borg and Org discovered something that they had not yet experienced; cold. Borg, the genius that he was realized that it might be better to use the lion skin they had acquired that day as a sort of fur. And thus, clothes were born (Glencoe).

The story of Borg and Org illustrates an important juncture in the history of humankind. Most people, if not all, would admit, however begrudgingly, that clothes have, on the whole, been a good thing, and are a necessity. According the the world renowned psychologist Maslow, clothes along with food and shelter are the most basic of human needs (Myers). But the clothes that are common place now, blue jeans and t-shirts, were just the twinkle in Borg’s ancient eye.

Had Borg and Org never stumbled out of the forest and found their tribe, the story would end here —all of human history would end here— but that didn’t happen as you are now reading this research paper. So when Borg and Org finally made it back to their village, they were greeted by skepticism and astoundment, their tribe-mates did not realize the magnitude of their discovery. Soon, however, all of the tribe became convinced, and soon started spreading their new technology to every tribe they encountered. The lion skin cloak became the blue jeans of Borg and Org’s time. It wasn’t until the discovery of the Linum usitatissimum plant in few hundred years that clothes really took off. This plant can be woven into linen, a...
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