History of Drapping

Topics: Fashion design, Clothing, Madeleine Vionnet Pages: 3 (671 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Draping II
Instructor: Daphne D.

By Arianna Saez


Since the very beginning after Paleolithic Period through the ancient world in Mesopotamia when humans began to live together in comunities with defined social range organizations, wrapping fabric around the body was consider the most civilized way to dress. During this period, how we see fashion these days was not the way it was for them. Every style of dressing was defined by social stratus, and changes in time were minimized through thousand of years by civilizations tradition. These draped dresses were loose fitting merely sewn or not sewn at all; some times just holded in diferent ways by different locations. It was a common prototype of dressing like skirts of various lengths, shawls, tunics, and T-shaped garments, but it may variate by ethnic origins, tradition , local practices and beliefs.

Today draping is the most basic design technique in fashion, and is used as a key to allow apparel designers to understand how create a great fit and advise the factory how to correct a problem before putting anything down on paper. Even that paternmaking can be precise Many Couture or Tailor houses still use draping as a versatile way to see how is the fitting and comprehend how the fabric behave. Added to this, some apparel designs are just impossible to make by flat patternmaking and need to be draped first as some other things are just easy to draft as sleeves. Draping and patternmaking are consider the most creative part of the fashion design process because this let designers experiment, play with the fabric folds, and decide where to place darts, tucks, and other design elements o make a whole knew garment suited to today's needs and tastes.

One of the designers I most admire is Madeleine Vionnet known as the "Queen of the bias cut" for her elegant Grecian style draping. In 1920s Madeleine founded her own fashion house, called, ¨Vionnet¨ introdducing...

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