History of Fashion

Topics: Roman Empire, Clothing in the ancient world, Ancient Egypt Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: March 20, 2013

The Ancient Middle East: 3500-600 B.C.
Mens: Aprons worn as a separate item that cover the gential area and are worn over a skirt or some other garment, or over a loincloth and under a skirt. As being made of one or more pieces of cloth attached to a belt, sash, or band that fastens around the waist. 1470 – 11th century B.C. Womens: Tunic is any of several types of garment for the body, usually simple in style, reaching from the shoulders to a length somewhere between the hips and the ankles. The earliest tunics seem to have been made out of linen and that in some areas tunics first appeared just after wool came into use. 2500 – 1000 B.C.

The Etruria and Rome: 800 B.C.–A.D. 400
Mens: Paludamentum was generally crimson, scarlet, or purple in color or sometimes white. It was fastened at the shoulder with a clasp, putting on the paludamentum was a ceremonial act on setting out for war. C. 800-200 B.C. Modern Influences: Versace, etc. Womens: Himation was a type of clothing in ancient Greece. It was usually worn over a chiton, but was made of heavier drape and played the role of a cloak. The himation continued into the Byzantine era, especially as iconographic dress for Christ and other figures from Biblical times, although it appears still to have been worn in real life. C.800-200 B.C. Modern influences: San Patrick, etc.


In turn of this project, I really enjoyed it because I choose two style of ancient clothing I love;

Rome and Egypt. The tunic is the basic style of clothing that’s very versatile that can be made

worn by men, women and children. I like that when Rome gave the tunic an extra edge by either

added silk and meaning to wearing it in certain ways like for higher class to the poor and giving

women a certain look when they’re wedded. The paludamentum was my second favorite because

I love the gladiator war style look that brings to the masculinity of the man. The modern

influence of...
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