Holiday From Hell

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Holiday from hell
To whom this may concern,
I am writing with regards of my holiday experience which I had purchased a relaxing get away to India; flight number A1103FA with my sister. The holiday was lovely but the poor services of the airport and the travel agency ruined my holiday. Firstly, I was told my flight would be 2 hours delay in Bahrain but it turned out to be a 6 hours delay; the airport was dirty, messy and wet. Secondly, when I boarded the plane for my flight the floors were wet where I nearly slipped over and hurt myself; I complained to a member of staff about the wet floor, she immediately put a wet floor sign there to block it off therefore nobody else would slip. Thirdly, when I had arrived in India I had gone through passport control. I went to the luggage area to receive my suitcases but instead I found out that my luggage was missing. On top of that I had to wait another 4 hours to get my suitcases On the other hand after waiting 4 hours I finally received my luggage and I went home rather than the hotel that was recommended because I knew that the travel agency would have messed the hotel reservations up as well. On the way back I had an horrifying experience because when I had boarded my flight from New Delhi – actually when I was supposed to be boarding the flight, the plane was being cleaned therefore it had made me miss my flight by 5 minutes. When I had complained to a member of staff at the administration about the incident instead of helping me. They were rude and impolite. In exchange of the flight incident I was given a new ticket and a free booking in a hotel in Bahrain for 24 hours, with transport to take me to the hotel and back to the airport but the bad side of that was that I could only make one phone call to my parents to inform them we were safe. Regards

Lall Bansal
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