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Topics: Human, Film, History Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Television and movies contains various kinds of contents in their category.Some people weap watching miserable drama;others laugh watching comedy.However,If I had to explaine influence of those on people,I would say that it would be split into roughly two groups:good and bad aspects. My primary reason is that Television and movies have cultural and moral influence on people who is children,college students and scholar.One example of this is that differing from animal,existance of human being has high intellect.Facing unfamiliar things, we consider why these are so or what these are.Television offers audience the chance to think about system of things.Also,movie develops our progress to consider things morally.Movies based on historical event such as war movie tend to be shooted because of trigger of regret in the past.Watching an anti-war movie a person would understand terror of war and rethink what war should be.

Another reason is that television has the aspect that disturbs society through broadcast of undesireble contents socially.For example,in television and movies scenes involving murder and pornography are easily broadcast.In certain drama of television,a famous actor was killed by someone,and in another drama program,appearing normally,he was killed again;in other words,murder in a row in fiction is taken for granted.This event in fiction may cause people to justify violence or murder psychologically. Broadcast of such program daytime can't be good environment to chidren watching those.Human tend to pretend to act characters or things in television,so that there is no doubt that it's not educational,let alone children. Therefore,I think that television or movies has both goood and bad influences on us.As I see it,Television and movies are implements helping people who want to progress culturally;At the same time,those,however,may come to be the one of the cause disturbing our peaceful society.
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