How the Recession Hit the Clothing Industry

Topics: Capitalism, Clothing, Business cycle Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: February 1, 2013
The overall global gloom has even taken over the fashion industry. It seems likely that the economic depression has so strongly been inflicted upon the clothing industry. This outcome was quite inevitable, with everything around going down the falls. The Italian industry has been the strongest among all others and even that failed in the eye of the global recession. It has asked for the government’s assistance which will help the industry to pull through these dire circumstances. It seems the fashion designers have been changing the clothing trends and patterns making them more adept with the current situation. There are also so many costs associated with the fashion shows which include the costs of the makeup artists, the models and the advertisement et cetera.  With the Great Depression hitting even the clothing industry, many clothing designers have refused to carry on with full fledged fashion shows since the year 2009. The clothing industry is now actually focusing towards providing more practicality in their clothes because the general public really doesn’t want to spend so much on having to get near to the gender ideals. This is also because cash is running short in the clothing industry and customers are looking for the all time reasonable and affordable ways out. The once searing clothing industry of South Asia is having a downfall in its exports departments due to the great economic depression hitting the world. Most of the clothes made in the Asian countries are exported to the Western world and this business seems to be declining because of low demands of clothing from those Western Countries. Many people working in the clothing industry in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan have lost their jobs because of the closing up of many textile mills as well. The bigger companies who can be counted as the clothing industry giants can still be qualified for their chances to survival but there are the small businesses which have really faced immense downfall....
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