how to tie die

Topics: Psychedelic art, Tie-dye, T-shirt Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: October 29, 2013
Comm 101: demo speech outline
IRaise your hand if you ever tie dyed anything before
III hope to enlighten you on the history of tie dye clothing and hope to encourage you to make a t-shirt at home. IIIIn our generation, we use this form of art as a fashion. Many people use this art to make team shirt that make them stand out in a crowd, something like they did during the 60’s to show the individuality. IVI’ve researched the web high and low to obtain the information on how to personalize your own shirt. VToday we will be looking at three major points on tie dying clothing: First we will talk about the history of tie dye clothing, then we will tie dye a t-shirt, finally we will talk about how to care for your tie-dye shirt during the first couple of washes. [TRANSITION let’s start with how tie dye and progressed over the pass years] Body

IThe history of tie-dying dates back to as early as the sixth century in countries like Africa, Japan, and India. (Blake, 2009) A)Tie dying became popular in the US during the roaring 20’s. (Blake, 2009) 1)Women of this time used it to decorate their homes.

B)This stylish type of clothing didn’t become a trend until the 1960’s. 1)This was a trend that emerged among the youth to help show their individuality. (a)They used vibrant colors and psychedelic patterns.

2)Don Price, a Best Foods executive hired to market Hellman's mayonnaise; bean a marketing campaign for Rite dye in Greenwich Village. (Weinger, 2008) (a)Going door to door, he looked for artist who would use Rite Dye for tie-dyeing. C)Today tie dye has been reinvented in several ways

1)Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, who rocked the faded fad on the Oscar Red carpet, or Jennifer Garner who totes around her vintage Prada bag around. These celebs are definitely bringing this cool style back. (Thomas, 2008) [TRANSITION: Now that you all know about this trendy fad, I will now show you how to make a Tie Dye shirt] II.How to Tie Dye a shirt...
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