How Tto Overcome An Addiction

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How to Overcome an Addiction

I. Introduction
Thesis statement: People can overcome addictions by changing three main aspects of their lives which are: self-esteem, social circle and entertainment.

II. Body
A. People’s self-esteem need to be improved in some aspects. 1. Deep personal knowledge
a. Answer questions like who I am, what I want
b. Know weaknesses and strengths
2. Confidence
a. Example of what make drugs to people
3. Expectations
a. How expectations help people feel good
B. Social circle must be changed to help people’s progress. 1. People influence on decisions
a. Example member of the family who is a smoker
2. Sober group encourages good habits.
a. Healthy people influence healthy life
b. Example (quote Dieken)
3. People with same goals help you reach them easily
a. People support one another
b. Example of students of architecture

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C. Finding another way of entertainment will help people to overcome the addiction. 1. Laziness and boredom
a. Lazy people tend to find the “easy way”
b. Example of youngsters in Ecuador
2. Doing sports
a. Brain oxygenated
b. Sports give energy
c. Sports entertain and release tensions
3. Going to places that incite people’s addiction
a. Travel

III. Conclusion
In conclusion people can completely overcome an addiction by improving their self-esteem, getting along with people that support and help them to reach their goals and finding a healthy way to entertain themselves in places that do not push them to relapse into their addictions . If people change this three simple aspects of their lives they would definitely have overcome their addictions, reach their goals and of course have a better lifestyle.

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Natalia Manrique
Martha Pico
19 October 2014

How to Overcome an Addiction

“Addiction simply referred to giving over, being highly devoted or engaging in behavior habitually” (Nutt 20). Nowadays it is easy to find people that have addictions to certain things. People can overcome addictions by changing three main aspects of their lives which are: self-esteem, social circle and entertainment. Self-esteem plays a huge role in people’s ways of acting so their self-esteem needs to be improved in some aspects. First of all, people need a deeper knowledge of themselves because this will help them when overcoming the addiction. Answering questions such as who I am or what I want will help people to realize how capable they are to accomplish their goals or dreams. In addition, being conscious about their strengths and weaknesses will help them recognize what opportunities they have and at what threats they are exposed to. Secondly, people must improve their confidence to prevent addictions. For instance, people who do drugs are likely to feel a boost of confidence. “One of crystal’s appeals is its ability to elevate self-confidence. While most people would enjoy a boost in confidence, this effect can be particularly compelling for people who have deep-seated feelings of low self-esteem” (Lee 169). As a result, people start consuming drugs and becoming addictive to them just to feel what they cannot when they are without them, self-assured. Third, expectations

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help people not to feel unprofitable. “One way to conceptualize self-esteem is to measure how successfully you lived up to your self-expectations. Low self-esteem comes from the disappointment of failing expectations. Good self-esteem comes from making realistic expectations” (Lee 171). Nevertheless, people do not have to be so strict with their expectations because then they would become obsessive. Self-esteem improvement is as important as social circle development. Social circle must be changed to help people’s progress. One of the main reasons is because people influence a lot in other’s people decisions. Friends, girlfriends or boyfriends and family are the closest people who make it hard for people...

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