Information About Mademoiselle Ire Ne Cahen D Anvers

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Mademoiselle Irène Cahen d’Anvers

Context:This painting is called Mlle Irene Cahen d'Anvers.It is painted by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.He painted it in the 1880. The painting is now in a gallery in the E. G. Buhrle Collection. Mlle. Irene Cahen d’Andvers (the girl in the picture) was the daughter of Cahen d’Anvers, a banker. The portrait was commissioned by her father.

Description:This artwork is an oil painting on canvas. The quivering light is rendered by the patches of pale color, particularly on the clothing and the ground.In her skin they are smoothly blended into a silky, almost liquid texture that seems creamy.Shadows fall, not in black or gray but in cool blue tones. He uses skillfully varied brushstrokes. It is 65 cm x 54 cm, it is a medium size painting.

Analysis: The artist combines elegant clothes and styled hair and the innocent expression of childhood. It is especially appealing is the contrast between the flowing lines of loose red hair and swirling dabs of background plants on the one hand and the finely elaborated features of the girl's face on the other. A happy mood is created by the yellow/orange/brown colour of the sun in her hair.

Interpretation:The artwork expresses history (1880), you can tell this from the dress and the hair style.The trees and plants is behind her is nature. They covey simpleness and beauty.The girl is beautiful, she is pale. This also gives a feeling of the past as all women considered be pale as “beautiful”.The girl is looking out into the distance, this is to perhaps resemble her looking out into the future(her adulthood) with endless paths and opportunities to choose.

Reaction:The painting is extremely realistic.I believe this painting has rich texture, color and detail. This painting is historical yet gorgeous at the same time.The nature it the background is blurred a nice touch.I like this painting because it reminds me of my childhood and how simple...
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