Input Devices

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Input Devices
QWERTY Keyboard
The keyboard is the most common type of input device. In other countries, the keyboard layout is different due to their different language and characters. There are some variations of keyboards to the normal keyboard. Some are wireless which means that no wire is required to connect it to the PC; and some have ergonomic design, which have a special design in order to reduce muscular stress on the user. Mouse

The mouse is a pointing device which is used to move the cursor on the screen. /by moving the mouse in any direction, a cursor on the screen will respond to the mouse’s movement. Most mice have two buttons; one on the left and one on the right. The left mouse button is used to select options, click, highlight, etc…, whilst the right mouse button is generally used to bring up more options or pop-up menus. Another common button is the scroll wheel which is found between the left and right buttons. This is used to scroll quickly through long documents or web-pages, sometimes it can also be used as a third mouse button. Early mice used a ball on the underside of the mouse. However, now optical mice are developed; instead of using a ball, it uses a light-emitting diode and sensor and it works without the need for a ball. Optical mice are more practical since they don’t gather dust, and more precise. Trackball

The trackball is another pointing device. For movement of the cursor, one must simply roll the ball. The trackball has buttons as well which serve the same purpose of the mouse buttons, therefore allowing double-clicking and right-clicking. An advantage of the trackball over a mouse is that less space is required since the trackball is stationary ad can be placed almost anywhere. Trackballs are usually used on CAD (Computer Aided Design) workstations since these devices offer a greater degree of precision. Touchpad

A touchpad, or trackpad, can be found on laptops. The touchpad works by dragging you finger across a...
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