Input Devices Used with a Computer

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* Input is all information put into a computer. Input can be supplied from a variety of sources: * A person
* A storage device on computer
* Another computer
* A peripheral device
* Another piece of equipment, such as a musical instrument or thermometer

One of the primary input devices used with a computer, the keyboard looks very similar to the keyboards of electric typewriters, with some additional keys. Keyboards allow a computer user to input letters, numbers, and other symbols into a computer and is what allows you to write e-mail and is what you used to visit this web page. Below is an example of the Saitek Gamers' keyboard with indicators pointing to each of the major portions of the keyboard.

The mouse allows an individual to control a pointer in a graphical user interface (GUI). Utilizing a mouse a user has the ability to perform various functions such as opening a program or file and does not require the user to memorize commands.

A joystick is an input device consisting of a stick that pivots on a base and reports its angle or direction to the device it is controlling. Joysticks are often used to control video games, and usually have one or more push-buttons whose state can also be read by the computer. A popular variation of the joystick used on modern video game consoles is the analog stick.

Optical scanner
Hardware input device that allows a user to take an image or text and convert it into a digital file, allowing the computer to read or display the scanned object.

Output device
An output device is any piece of computer hardware equipment used to communicate the results of data processing carried out by an information processing system (such as a computer) which converts the electronically generated information into human-readable form Monitor

An external hardware device responsible for taking computer data and generating a hard copy of that data. Printers are one...
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