Introduction to and Fundamentals of Strategic Marketing

Topics: Marketing, Clothing, Brooks Brothers Pages: 3 (722 words) Published: May 7, 2011
Introduction to and Fundamentals of Strategic Marketing
Module 1
Case Assignment
Professor Francisca NKadi

For this case assignment, a marketing report is to be prepared on Brook Brothers to explain the relative importance of the following factors in driving current, potential, and/or prospective customers to choose the Brook Brothers’ product: economic environment, social environment, competitive environment, brand name, target market, quality of product, where products is distributed, and price of the product. Company Introduction: Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers was founded in 1818 by Henry Sands Brooks. He created the first ready-to-wear fashion emporium in America. Since then, Brooks Brother has become an institution that has shaped the American style of dress through fashion innovation, fine quality, personal service, and exceptional value in their products. ( Despite being a reputable company, Brooks Brothers is found to be a little old and stuffy sometimes, but that’s because their wheelhouse is a middle age or older, more traditional, more affluent demographics. Sales on their apparel can be weak when it comes to size availability and their prices are found to be not affordable at all. ( --Analyze the Environment

Brooks Brothers celebrates the 20th anniversary of the first factory stores, which opened in Kittery and Freeport, Maine. As of 2011, there are currently 102 factory stores in the United States and 25 locations internationally. --Target Market

Since this is an older company from the 1960’s, Brooks Brothers current target market is men aged 50 years and up who are interested in business wear, even though this company sells apparel for women and children. --Products

-Mens’, Womens’, Childrens’ Apparel: This includes shirts,pants, footwear, undergarments, coats, accessories -Country Club Apparel – This includes sports apparel for Men and Women --Promotion
-Brooks Brothers is currently...

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