Topics: Clothing, Bullying, Uniform Pages: 1 (420 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Did you know that the risk of an intruder entering a school without a uniform is higher than any other school with a uniform? Most people complain against why we have uniforms in school, that’s like complaining why an intruder has easy access into a building with kids who aren’t in uniform. In our generation today people care more about their leggings, uggs, and jeans. And whatnot too bad an intruder entering the building is dressed the same way a typical person dresses on a regular basis. Let’s be realistic, you’re dressed in regular clothes you’re in the hallways during a code red or an emergency and you either get attacked or accused. Think about it this way, if everyone is constantly wearing their uniform it would be easier to point out the harmful people who don’t attend that specific school. In our age generation today, hundreds of thousands of people get bullied every day for being what? Nothing but themselves. You might be thinking what does uniform have to do with this… but to be honest uniforms are a reason why people today get bullied. If school had a no uniform policy students would dress the way they wanted to like, because of emo, Gina bambina, jock, preppy, skater style several people would bully one another based on their unique fashion sense. Having a uniform policy would prevent people to share their style at school, but it would prevent also bullying and people feeling uncomfortable at school. I once read a quote that said; I once saw a man with no clothes on, and I once saw clothes with no men in them. The logic behind this quote is that what you wear to school really doesn’t matter, whether it’s your Michael kors, Louis Vuitton, or ralph Lauren cardigans, does it really matter how you look at school? Wearing your uniform will encourage a well-rounded personality and you’re even saving hundreds of dollars worrying about what to wear every day. People say uniforms are really expensive?

Think about it this way especially females, if there was...
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