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Investing Money in Education or Not
It is quite difficult these days for people in many countries to find a job after graduating from school. The trend is not restricted to individuals who only have high school certificates, but it also exists among highly-educated people who have college diplomas or postgraduate diplomas. Individuals put a large amount of money and time into education, but sometimes the results are disappointing. “Do we devote too much time and money to getting an education?” Some people believe that investing in education is a gamble for both parents and students, because graduates enjoy no guarantee when they finish school work. Their opinion is that the true function of schools and institutes is providing students with more thorough knowledge and academic learning rather then the skills that students need to make a life. Moreover, they think that hard economic realities mean that many people have little choice in the kinds of job they can get. In some cases, graduates are working in a job that suits neither their skills nor their personality. As a consequence, a degree is no guarantee of a perfect job. However, parents and students expect a job guarantee after graduation because both parents and students invest a large amount of money and a long period of time in education. Obviously, most of students go to university for the purpose of having the ability to obtain a satisfactory job after graduation. As a result, education institutions are under pressure currently. In order to increase the graduate employment rate, some universities begin to cooperate with major companies. For example, making the school-to-work transition and providing academic credit for the structured job experience. Some colleges have developed co-op programs and Internship programs to create more job opportunities for students. In conclusion, some individuals think that investing in education is a gamble, which is no...

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