Jacquelyn Mahome

Topics: Color, Pink, Green Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: November 16, 2014
Jacquelyn Mahome
Mrs. Koehler
English 4 AP
October 3, 2014
Clothes Analysis
In Clothes, Divakaruni uses symbolism to enhance her writing. Throughout the story Sumita is judged and represented by the attire she wears. In the beginning of the story Sumita is wearing a yellow sari, later on she wears a light pink sari, and then when she is on the plane to America she wears blue with a hint of red. After she arrives in America her husband Somesh bought her a silk skirt and and a cream blouse, a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a night gown. Clothes represent her cultural transition and her progression from daughter to a wife. I feel as if the yellow sari in the begging of the story may represent peace and tranquility for Sumita. The fact that she feels so comfortable to get the sari wet shows that she has some emotion or peaceful connection to it; I think she also wears the yellow sari to calm her nerves about meeting Somesh for the first time. Next Sumita is wearing a pale pink sari for her bride viewing the pink one represents her possibilities to come; it was the color of transition for Sumita a daughter into a bride. After Sumita is chosen as Somesh’s wife they board a plane to America; Sumita is then wearing a blue sari with a thin border of red. “I wanted a blue one for the journey, because blue is the color of possibility, the color of the sky the=rough which I would be traveling. But mother said there must be red in it because red is the color of luck for married women.” They compromised on a red and blue sari to represent her transition to America, the blue represented all the opportunities that were to come, and the red trim was a tradition upon married women; it also represented the color of luck for women in her culture. After reading Clothes, I realized that here in America clothes is just another accessory, for most people they are just something that looks cute or makes you feel nice. But in other cultures such as Sumita’s, I have realized that...
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