Journal Entry Week 4

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Roman Empire, Europe Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: August 17, 2014
In order to speak on Humanities, there must be a clear view on what the meaning of it is. Humanities are a clear investigation of human beings and how they act, which includes their self-expression and their culture. The purpose of this paper is to explain how humanities replicate changing concepts of life and individuals in diverse historical periods. In today's civilization, human beings are ignorant to the history of our people. Our ancestors have contributed too many areas that we participate in frequently. The result of researching humanities provides us with a better understanding of where individuals have been and where it is important to go. By basing our future off history, allows us to work towards improvements that will produce positive results and circumstances in today’s time.

Christianity inclined the Early middle Ages. It was between 500-1000 C.E. that this age existed. During this time stability was negligible. During this era, Eastern Europe was combating against the Arabs and Western Europe was under assault from Germanic clan. During the sovereignty of Charlemagne, Christianity soared extremely high. In 800, on Christmas Day after being topped monarch by Pope Leo III, Charlemagne brought schooling and illumination to his people. The Pope Leo positioned a golden crown on the bent head of Charlemagne. Charlemagne due to the coronation left him astonished, affirming that had he knew Pope Leo III’s plan he would not have entered the church.

Charlemagne was indomitable to reinforce his kingdom and to regulate Europe. In 772, he commenced a 30-year military movement to achieve this purpose. By 800, Charlemagne was the unquestionable monarch of Western Europe. His immense dominion includes what now the Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Switzerland are. It has integrated partially of modern Germany and Italy and fractions of Spain and Austria. By instituting an inner regime over Western Europe, Charlemagne re-established a great deal of the...
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