Judgement on Clothing

Topics: Clothing, Sexual orientation, Economics Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Our first impression of someone is almost always visual. Immediately we scan everyone we meet from head to toe and make instant assumptions. We use our first visual impression of someone as an indicator of who they are and where they've been. While there are many ways to read someone based on their “look”, clothes may be the most telling. Clothes either show our uniqueness as individuals or they indicate what groups and lifestyles we pledge allegiance to. Clothing paints the first picture in our minds about everyone we meet. Based on simple clothing choices, we can tell how much money one makes, what kind of personality they have and even their sexual orientation

Clothing most certainly can indicate what financial group one finds themselves in. Even if someone isn't fashion forward perhaps, people shop in stores that their financial situations affords them. Torn and worn clothing often indicates a poor financial situation. While clothing that is new, stylish and designer brand is most likely worn by someone who is well off. Between these two polar opposites are many shades of gray, from those who have less to those who have more. It is possible, even probable, that someone of great financial stability won't wear expensive clothes. However, it is very unlikely that someone who is in the lowest financial bracket will have the chance to wear expensive clothes. So by playing the odds, clothing can be useful in defining wealth. Even if it isn't an exact science, odds are those who can afford more expensive clothes will chose to wear what they can afford.

Our personalities are reflected in our clothing choices as well. Often personality characteristics are mirrored by someone's outward appearance. For instance, someone who considers themselves to be professional and astute will often wear well fitted suits. While others who would like to seem carefree and cheerful will spend less time dressing themselves, perhaps wearing something simple and...
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