Judging by clothes

Topics: Clothing, Human, Personality psychology Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: October 15, 2013
Some people tend to judge almost everyone by their clothing, while others prefer not to be prejudiced and influenced by external appearances. In my opinion, people cannot estimate financial status or personality from clothing and in both cases it would be unfair and inappropriate. My reasons and examples listed below will strengthen my opinion. 

First of all, masses of people inclined to evaluate the financial condition of a person by his external appearance. I strongly disagree with this statement. To elaborate, there are so many people who are in poverty but always decorated and elegant, since excluding critical situations, everyone can earn enough money to purchase attire or a garment. Conversely, upper-class or middle-class people have opportunity and wealth to buy desired clothing; however sometimes due to their personalities they cannot afford themselves to wear these. For example, although I have attractive and expensive clothing in my cloakroom, I tend to have on more simple and comfortable ones. As a result, no one can deduce that I am rich or poor.

Secondly, it isn’t proper to predict a person’s personality or interests because of his clothing, since so many people wear clothing without any meaning or purpose. For instance, I have experienced and suffered from forecasting about someone by his clothing. One day we were playing football and a boy was watching the match with excitement, I thought about offering him to join us. However, suddenly I noticed the picture of a basketball player on his T-shirt; I thought that he hates football and he could be ashamed if I made him to play with us, since in my opinion he wasn’t so good player. Anyway, with the end of match his gloomy face caused me to feel pain, he told me that he desired to join the game. My conscience hurt me a lot; therefore after this incident I don’t judge people by their clothing. 

To put my thoughts in a nutshell, evaluating a person’s financial status by clothing would be...
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