Justinian Emperor

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Justinian I, Roman Empire Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: October 9, 2014
Ethan Bredstrup
3rd period
Emperor Justinian is associated with the Byzantine Empire in his role in creating a strong Empire, building projects, and the creation of the Justinian Code. Emperor Justinian became the last great emperor of byzantine. He had his general Belisarius conquered old roman territories including Rome and most of Italy. He got rid of outdated and contradictory laws. This new uniformed laws were called Justinian Code. It consisted of 4 works. The Code, 5,000 Roman laws still considered to be useful Digest- quoted and summarized the opinions of Rome’s greatest legal thinkers about the laws. The instates-a textbook that told law students how to use the laws. The novella presented legation passed after 534This code dealt with marriage, slavery, property, inheritance, women’s rights and criminal justice. The code served Byzantine Empire for 900 years. Justine’s greatest passion was the church. The crowning glory of his reign was the completion of the Hagia Sophia, meaning holy wisdom. It is hailed the most splendid church in the Christian world it is a mosques today. Justinian also built bathhouses aqueducts law courts schools and hospitals. Byzantine became the center of all trade. Due to its location. Byzantine scholars are credited with preserving many of the great works of Greece and Rome. It took a very long before byzantine fell. Some of the causes were: The plague killed millions and weakened the empire. Economically and militarily attacks from the barbarians from north and west and the Muslims in the south. Romans Catholic believes that pope has the authority over man, including the emperor. The Orthodox Church believes the emperor has the authority. This leads to splits in the church, one split was over icons. The byzantine emperor Leo lll banned iconic images he view them as idol worship. The byzantine missionaries convert the Slavs through creating an alphabet for their language. Still used today in Slavic languages the...
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