Kidswear: Brand Management and Kids

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Kids are becoming more and more brand conscious these days. The children, who were interested to be taken to the parks and zoos until few years back, have been showing a new approach to the apparel altogether. There has been a gradual shift in the purchase pattern, with kids taking over to decide their own preferences and turning out to be impulsive buyers. They are very much interested and excited about coming along with their parents for buying their own clothes and stuff these days. It is probably because more than making a style statement, branded players has the capacity to satisfy the growing demands of the young ones. Hence, it is felt that five years down the line, there will be a major shift in this market. It will be a happy move from the unorganized to the organized sector. Also, this will help many more branded players available across the geography of the country, including smaller cities and towns as well. So, the retailers who want to take a pie of the cherry should focus on attracting the attention of children along with their parents. Some retailers and department stores have taken the lead in creating an in-store arrangement with play areas, and kids oriented promotions within the store. Ex: ‘Back to School’ promotion by Lifestyle. Also’ as it was FIFA season kidswear segment offered separate collection for the newly emerging FIFA fans. Global market for kids is burgeoning and therefore attracting multinational companies into the industry. This is because, the new generation of kids like to have their own choice of clothing; this evolution of children becoming independent buyers is responsible for the growth of kidswear segment in India. Factors like increased disposable income and the concept of nuclear families having 1 or 2 kids support the growth of kidswear segment. The global kidswear market is estimated to be around US $163.92 billion in the year 2006 which was 3.6% of the total clothing industry. It is one of the fastest growing segments also because of increase in child population.

In India the evolution in the buying behavior of children, and their influence over their parent’s results in a different purchasing pattern. The changed scenario in India has made it necessary for the manufacturers and the retailers to evolve their business strategies to meet the present generation’s demand and therefore some manufacturers have come up with their own brands and some have entered into joint ventures to cater to the newly emerging segment of kidswear. Manufacturers are coming up with fancy materials targeting kids and hence’ children’s garments are available in various forms and designs. Kid’s apparel market is more unorganized than any other segment in apparels, a huge volume of kids apparel in India is being dominated by local and unorganized players which gives an excellent opportunity for the organized players to lay a strong foundation in this segment. Indian market is now moving towards an international look in terms of children’s apparel. Cotton plays a major role in the clothing of children. Approximately, 86% of the kidswear are of cotton.

Categories of the Kidswear segment

1.Infants (0 - 6 months)
2.Toddlers (7 months – 2 years)
3.Kids (3-8 years)
4.Pre-teens (9-12 years)

Market share of the Major Apparel Segments (2009)
Total size Rs. 122, 400 crore

Average budget for kid’s apparel

Children’s wear is mainly on a seasonal basis. Highest sales figures are usually recorded during the months of August – September. The average annual expenditure on kidswear is approximately Rs. 3, 857. `

Major players in the Kidswear segment

Some of the Indian brands catering to the kidswear segment are:- 1.Ruff Kids
2.Ruff Baby
3.Planet Kids
4.Gini & Jony
6.Li’l Tomatoes
7.Weekender Kids

International brands in India include:- 1.Barbie
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