Kk’s Consulting Manager

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KK’s Consulting Manager
Jen Ko graduated from City University in 2005. After considering several job offers, she decided to go into business with her father, Jak Ko. KK’s Founder Jak Ko opened his first laundry store in 1995 and had expanded to six by 2005. The main business was drycleaning and pressing of clothes. Each store had its own on-site manager and about seven employees.

Jen’s understanding with her father that as KK’s Consulting Manager, she would serve as a troubleshooter or adviser with the aim of both learning the business and introducing modern management concepts for solving the company’s problems.

At present, the KK’s Laundry has no formal orientation or training policies. Consultant Manager Jen Ko believes that is one reason why standards are not followed. She would prefer that certain practices and procedures be used in dealing with the customers at the front counters. For example, all customers should be greeted with a “big hello”.

Garments that the customer drop off should immediately be inspected for any damage or unusual stains so that these can be brought to the customer’s attention, lest the customer later return to pick up the garment and erroneously blame the store.

The garments are then supposed to be immediately placed together in a nylon sack to separate the from other customer’s garments. The ticket also has to be carefully written up, with the customer’s name and telephone number and the date clearly noted on all copies.

The counter-person is also supposed to take the opportunity to try to sell the customer additional services such as water proofing, or simply notify the customer that”Now that people are doing their spring cleaning, we are having a special offer on draper cleaning this month.”

Finally, as the customer leaves, the counterperson is supposed to make a courteous comment like”Have a nice day.” Each of the jobs- pressing, cleaning, maintaining equipment, and so forth-similarly contains certain...
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