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“Assessment and Improvement of La Jolla Tailoring Shop Purchasing Function”

Chapter I

Purchasing management is a significant component for any business. Companies recognize the significant cost savings that can arise from effective purchasing decisions and likewise how poor purchasing strategies may result in disaster. For that reason we conducted research and assessment about the purchasing strategy that La Jolla Tailoring Shop is currently implementing and the problems that they mostly encounter since it is a business focused on the tailoring and supply of custom/made to measure/ bespoke and small order ready to wear (off the rack) tailoring and shirts. All garments are individually cut and tailored to an agreed quality and specification using our customer’s private/own label. Without a doubt, in business like tailoring shop, purchasing raw materials such as garments, needles, thread, tailoring chalk and others should be the best thing a tailoring shop owner should consider since garment shops have a wide range of differences on quality of materials to offer. If you plan on purchasing quality raw materials, however, considering finding on the reputable shop and cost of materials sales is essential.

With this insight, La jolla Taioloring Shop will utilize the market potential for this kind of industry to produce quality clothes through establishing and strengthening relationship towards supplier in order to benefit mostly towards cost, connection and quality.

Statement of the Objectives

The analysts created this study in order to achieve the following objectives: To identify the current purchasing strategy of La Jolla Tailoring Shop. To increase the productivity of the purchasing department while reducing the cost that will be incur. To classify the cause and effect of the purchasing problem of the company To understand the importance of choosing a supplier and how it affects the purchasing process of a certain firm. To enhance researcher’s understanding on the actual purchasing department of a firm.

Research Methodology
Qualitative research begins with the specific and moves toward the general. The data collecting process in qualitative research is personal, field-based, and iterative or circular. As data are collected and organized during analysis, patterns emerge. Throughout the data collecting process, the researchers typically record their thoughts and impressions about the emerging data patterns. The researchers of the study specifically use Management Interviews in order to evaluate and know the current purchasing strategy and the problems encountered in terms of purchasing products from their supplier.

Scope and Limitation
This study was conducted to determine the purchasing strategy and function of La Jolla Tailoring Shop as perceived by the management specifically the purchasing department employees. The aspects looked into were the supplier management strategy, purchasing strategy, purchasing process, problems and proposed solutions to problems. Significance of the Study

This research study will assess La Jolla Tailoring Shop purchasing department. This analysis of the system is important not only to the La Jolla Tailoring Shop (management team), but also to the employees, to the customers, and to the researchers. This research would provide some useful information La Jolla Tailoring shop and other companies that they may consider this assessment as basis in the improvement of their purchasing strategy to achieve quality raw materials that can help in producing quality clothes. Furthermore, it is expected that this study would add to the existing published body of knowledge on the significance of the assessing the purchasing management of the company for the improvement of the process and strategy and customer satisfaction in the context of La Jolla Tailoring Shop.

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