Labada de Barya

Topics: Economics, Clothing, Competitor analysis Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: October 4, 2014
A. Market Description
Market is composed of people who are availing or are willing to try such a service, who are able to pay for it and are interested to continue patronizing it if satisfaction is reached. Laundry service has been in demand nowadays due to increase in population. Highly urbanized cities are composed of families, students, and professionals which are willing to pay for laundry services due to hectic schedules. Laundry shops and home service have been sources of this demand. Factors that would affect such business would be the rate, quality of service, location, and convenience the business could offer. Utility costs such as electricity, water, rent, and miscellaneous expenses would directly form part of the rate a service would charge to customers. On the other hand, the efficiency and speed of the service would directly have an impact on its quality and convenience. The target market of Labada de Barya is comprised of residents, students or not, employed or unemployed with ages of 15 years old and above of Brgy. Magdalo and San Nicolas, La Paz which has approxiamtely more or less 3,750 residents. Three shops that would be competitors of Labada de Barya would be :Laundry Station, Pinoy Master Laundry Shop and Laundry King located at Brgy. Magdalo and San Nicolas, La Paz. Based on competitive intelligence, the study indicates that these shops offer a price that would range from P25 to P120 per kilo depending upon the type of laundry: regular clothing, comforter, bed sheets & towels, and etc. It takes one (1) to two (2) days that these garments will be returned to customers.
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