Lecture on Byzantine Art

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Zarina B. Week 5 Part 5-A History Lecture

Byzantine Art

Byzantine Art is very fascinating. Byzantine art originated in the Eastern Roman Empire, specifically in Constantinople, present day Istanbul. It was first seen in the painting of icons and church decorations Mosaic is a type of art where the picture or pattern is produced by arranging small pieces of colored materials, such as stone, tile, glass, minerals and and fragments of pottery and other materials. The mosaic art was created for doors, footpaths, tables, walls, floors and ceilings. The people of Byzantium used mosaic art so they can decorate buildings, and churches. One famous church, the Hagia Sophia was built by Emperor Justinian. It was decorated with colorful art all over. Byzantines specialized in covering walls and ceilings. The smalti (colored glass) allowed light to reflect and refract within the glass. Also they were set at slight angles to the wall, so that they caught the light in different ways.

This mosaic art picture is a picture of a bird pecking at something. As you can see, it is very detailed with all the type of materials.

The form of mosaic art was very popular in Byzantium. People used it all over. It is even popular now; in the present! Most forms of mosaic art usually have glass, and tile in it. Glass, tile, and stone makes the picture look alive and realistic. It is amazing how mosaic art is made and formed.

Here is another mosaic art creation:

The picture is fascinating!
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