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A Capstone Project
Presented to the
Faculty of the CSIT Department
City College of Tagaytay

In partial fulfillment
Of the requirements for the degree
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


Rolando Cabahit
Sherwin Evangelista
Leonel Candare
Joemarie Angcaya

S.Y. 2014-2015
This chapter contains the background of the research project. It also discusses regarding the problem. General and specific objective, scope and limitation, opportunities and hindrances of the project in developing a Lending System for City College of Tagaytay which leads this research project for being accepted INTRODUCTION

Lending System Program has become an integral part of the overall income in educational program. With the basic assumption that all students and professors need direction in their needs, educational, and career planning, it has become the instructional responsibility of the cooperative counselor administrator and staff to provide the specific knowledge of the student, staff and professors to require the address of the needs in the school.  Money Lending is one of the major lending businesses existing nowadays. Most institutions such as banks, lending companies and cooperatives offer this kind of business in order to gain more profit in a easiest way and to help their clients by providing loans for special purposes. The important aspect of the Lending System program is the recognition that some students require special assistance in dealing with financial problems and immediate crisis in needs. With this teacher and other staff who are in direct information with the students require support that can best be supplied by the Lending System program. Lending System program moreover is based on the belief that all students, including those with challenging needs have the right to benefit from type of debt. And entails the redistribution of financial effective instruction to ensure optimal development of the cooperative council in school. The manual systems are things of the past. It’s quite tedious, time consuming, less efficient, and more error prone and inaccurate in comparison to computerize system. A manual-based system will see information recorded and kept in different ways such as in files in paper form. While a computer based information system will see data stored on various computer programs including on databases, word documents, excel etc. both types of information system are designed to help a business carry out its daily running and operations. In recent times, computer-based systems are generally considered to be more popular as more businesses are choosing to keep up with the developments in information technology. The City College of Tagaytay Cooperative office with the system of City Hall, the processing of product revenue from school and other lending assessments of students related to school, college or university. The College does not implement any application regarding organizing files or records of the students, so, as researchers they would like to create one for the College. They will develop a system that will concentrate on the Cooperative Office to make the management of student records be lot easier, efficient, less time consuming and reliable without sacrificing quality. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

General Problem
•The CCT Cooperative Office is currently using the system of city hall, operation in storing records of the students is good. To large extent, the work load is very taxing to retrieve files, generating reports and offense, and implements standards adhere from the student manual. This will enable the cooperative counselor to focus on the problems of needs and dept. of the students, and not just “be occupied” in filing and storing bulky records in terms of lending. Specific...
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