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Dear North Brunswick Board of Education,
Good day. It was brought to my attention that you want to make a policy that you want to make students wear uniforms. I strongly disagree with this personal. This role would be harmful for the North Brunswick in multiple reasons. The uniform policy would cost parents and students too much money, have to wash clothes every day, and be hard for the staff to determine who’s who.

For a student to get one uniform would not make since. So they would probably buy about 5, and down the line you would have to replace those because of damages. The whole outfit would already probably cost a lot having to buy everything from head to toe. At the same time the school has to pay for the uniforms so they are there on the school property and can be bought on sight instead of having to wait. The overall view is that unnecessary money will be getting waste when we could use it for better events, and other activities.

Continuing off of money, washing clothes cost families a lot of money. With four uniforms that are at least three times a week we would have to wash them. In my house my parents tell me to hold on washing, at least once a week because prices are so high for water. Also when you wash clothes they fade, and mess up, so we will want to replace them which is again more money out there pockets.

With over 1000 students in a hall I don’t see a lot of people wearing the same clothes. When we get uniforms everyone is wearing the same thing every day, and no one can be told apart. Students would get away with a lot of insubordinate actions. Like if students were to get in to an altercation, and you wanted to look at camera, you could tell who was who. Or if someone was trying to describe another person, it would probably be hard to come to a conclusion.

Over all this action of uniforms would be a bad out come. Costing lots of money and unsolved cases, just shows how there are no solution to making this happen.
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