Life in ancient rome

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Read the passage and answer the questions.
Life In Ancient Rome

 The life style of an ancient Roman depended very much on his income. The wealthy owned splendid houses with ornate decorations and had a staff of slaves to attend to every whim. These fortunate Romans wore fine clothes and ate sumptuous meals. On the other hand, poor people lived in squalid accommodation and could afford only simple and basic food.   Many ancient Romans lived in the countryside. The poor tended land rented from rich landowners and sold excess produce. The wealthy retreated to the countryside for holidays and engaged in pursuits such as hunting.   Romans towns were bustling, noisy places. Only the privileged few could afford to live in a town house, a peaceful and private retreat that had no windows in the wall facing the road. By contrast, most people lived in apartment buildings, with windows opening onto the streets and all the chaos.   Roman fabrics decayed long ago, but we know about the clothes ancient Romans wore from paintings, statues, and carvings. Most clothings were made from wool or linen - luxurious fabrics such as cotton or silk were expensive and had to be imported from India and China. The most common item of clothing was the tunic, a simple garment tied at the waist with a belt. Only citizens of Rome could wear the toga, a large piece of cloth wrapped around the body and flung over the shoulder. Most poorer people wore just a tunic.

What did the lifestyle of an ancient Roman depend on?
Who lived in a town house and how would you describe one?
How did poor Romans in the countryside make a living?
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