Life of a Garment Worker in Bangladesh

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Life of a garment worker in Bangladesh
This world is very diverse. This miscellaneous world is created by creator’s own wish. He has also created trees and plants, animals and birds, hills and mountains, rivers and canals, the sun and the moon, stars and the planets, the best of creation human beings and others. He has also created rich and poor people, people of higher and lower class. Engineers, doctors, ministers etc. are rich and higher class people. But the rickshaw pullers, farmers, garment workers etc. are poor and lower class people. In the town there are many slums. In the slums, poor people live. Maximum of them came from villages. Some of them are rickshaw puller, some are porters, some are hawkers, some are garments workers and some people work in others house. A garments worker mainly has come from villages of different parts of Bangladesh. He earns very small amount of money like tk. 4000 to tk. 5000 only. Within this money he has to lead their life. He has to manage all the things within the small amount of his fee including feeding his family members, giving house rent, transport cost, cost of clothes etc. A garments worker has to reach to garments very early morning. He works there long 12 hours from 8 am to 10 pm. Sometimes he has to work up to midnight and he also does not get any vehicle at that time for returning home. So he has to come back home by walking. He does not get extra holiday except Friday and special occasions like Eid. If he does not go to work for any emergency personal work, then he does not get money for those days. In summer, he faces problems because of hotness. Also he does not get any vehicle. Then it becomes impossible for him to work in so much hot weather. In rainy season, for rain he cannot go outside. If he goes, then he gets wet. In spite of this, he has to work in garment. In winter, he feels cold and suffers from diseases. But despite of this, he has to work in garments. In spite of all problems, a garment...
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