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Topics: Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Ancient Rome Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: January 6, 2015
1.1 Travel Journal SAMANTHA ANCHETA 1. How did the boundaries of the Roman Empire change? The Roman Empire changed drastically throughout the years .The Punic Wars (3 wars fought between Carthage & Roman Republic {264BCE-146BCE} allowed for control of the Italian Peninsula, then Rome conquered Macedonia, Greece & parts of Anatolia. Civil war brought on Caesar’s assassination in 44BCE & Augustus took control of Rome, holding full power, despite a functioning senate. This was the establishment of Rome as an empire {est. 27BCE} where Rome continued to expands into Britain & the rest of N Africa. By 200CE Rome was at its highest state of Power. 2. Why did the Roman Empire split into eastern and western parts? Roman leaders causing conflict along with barbarian invasions weakened the empire. It became hard to govern so the emperor Diocletian divided the empire into western and eastern parts. One emperor ruled over each part, western and eastern. Constantinople became capitol of the Eastern and Rome remained capitol of the Western Empire. Constantine defeated the leader of the empire in 306CE & moved his empire to a central area in Eastern Rome because it was easier to rule from there and there was a thicker population and more economic activity in that area (much more so than the Western) Apparently there were many different conflicting political parties which threatened the Western Areas security. Constantine died and soon after the split had become permanent by 395CE and was ruled by 2 separate political parties. The East was known as the Byzantine Empire. 3. How did the boundaries of the Byzantine Empire change? The boundaries changed often. Although Constantinople was the capitol of the Byzantine Empire and was the economic and religious center, other cities began to become important as well. Alexandria was a religious center and Antioch became economically strong due to nearby olive farms which was weakened...
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