Man Corset History

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Man Corset and Gilet Vest


The corset is a garment that more than anything else, over the centuries, has crossed all boundaries of gender and was worn both by women and by men.

The term corset is derived from the Old French word corps and the diminutive of body, which itself derives from corpus Latin for body. The Greeks of both sexes wore it, they use to used them as support for your back and hips during sports.

It is probable that some sort of corset was used under clothing in the Middle Ages, as some seem to suggest frescoes showing life points very thin and particularly "sculpted" silhouettes.

Between the 15th Century and 16th Century Spaniards lay down the law even when it comes to fashion corsets where used by men and women to get an upright posture, the symbol of moral dignity and respectability, also symbolized by a smooth and asexual torso.

In the 18th Century with the advent of the French Revolution, the corset was abandoned as a symbol of oppression in favor of clothing more comfortable and suitable to accommodate the natural movement of the body. However, in sharp contrast to the general trend, corsets for men were used by the utopian philosopher Saint-Simon as a symbol of humanitarian ideals proposed by him, since it was impossible to tie them yourself and you had always count on a partner.

King George IV, King of England from 1820 to 1830, a lover of beautiful women and the pleasures of the table, was also known for his size: his corset, in fact, is now on display at the London Museum. Of 142 cm long, is made of lightweight cotton, closes on the back like those of women and straps on the sides to prevent the abdomen to protrude. Other corsets could have elastic inserts on the chest in order to allow for expansion and to give an elegant evening gowns.


The late 18th century and the beginning of the 19th was definitely the era were dandies were a quite visible part of society. A dandy refers to men that...
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