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Topics: Street racing Pages: 6 (2299 words) Published: July 30, 2008
Today, mass media as a whole is believed to be a celebrated mean for this rapid development of information age. Undoubtedly, mass media has helped the world to progress through many aspects. However, even the greatest invention of all time has its drawbacks. According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, mass media can be defined as a medium of communication that is designed to reach the mass of the people (Media). Since it is “designed to reach the mass of people,” media masses greatly affect one’s culture. What one sees, what one learns, and how one behaves become greatly dependent on the mass media. How people define their identities also rely heavily on what people absorb from the media masses. A fact that should be recognized by all Americans is that negative effects on the American culture are being brought by the mass media, especially paper ads from magazines and fads created by movies. Many messages that establish negative effects on society are first created for one intention: profit. The types of magazines being targeted by this research paper are teen magazines, car magazines in particular. The trend that car magazines today are gradually becoming multi-elemental does not bother anyone but, in contrast, attracts more customers. A car magazine today is made to be more marketable and made to be mixed with all sorts of materials like featuring sexy girls, electronics review, and game reviews. A result of this combination is a generation of teens, especially males, with their lives full of only cars, electronics, gaming, and girls suggested and reinforced by those magazines. The point being made here is not for one to blame the car magazines for creating many societal problems or setting trends that considered “bad.” The true purpose of this essay is to send a warning message to all readers against the unhealthy messages implanted in many car magazines. Throughout history, marketers have always been trying to reach a goal of making the most profit out of everything. Recently, seeing the hit of the “lad magazines,” Eddie Alterman has successfully tried to put out a magazine called MPH that mimics the format of magazines such as Maxim and FHM and combines cars with sex and women targeting the most of the male readers’ market (Nauman). As Matt Nauman from the San Jose Mercury News described, this new magazine is “full of pictures of pretty young women and risqué, sophomoric humor.” From the description of Nauman’s, one can easily picture what kind of car magazines are being put out onto the newsstands. According to Nauman, the amazingly low cover price that is being offered is $3.99. A section titled “How to get FREE SEX from perfect Strangers!” can even be found from one of the issue of MPH (Nauman). Even though MPH is targeted young guys in their 20s and 30s, as Alterman claimed (Nauman), it can be easily accessed by anyone much younger than that because of the fact that it is really not a pornographic magazine and is much economically acceptable for most teens. People can imagine how the generation would be like growing up reading magazines that feature nothing but car and sex. The result can be devastating and already one can see the moral declination from society to be tolerant about sexuality being so accessible to virtually everyone. Perhaps, these kinds of magazine will not have a direct negative effect on American society and American culture in United States. However, there at least will be some indirect negative effects from those sexually-explicit magazines being read by a great deal of male teens. Another medium that is being targeted is the most popular movies made for teenagers. Take a teen movie from Hollywood for example, the success of the movie “The Fast and the Furious” in 2002 was remarkable (Reno). Jamie Reno from the November 4th, 2002 issue of Newsweek wrote, “The movie simply glamorizes illegal street racing (Reno).” The movie does not only glamorize illegal drag racing but also sent...
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