Middle Ages

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Karen Howard
Western Civilizations I
J. Gilpatrick
November 7th, 2014
Royal Impact In the Middle Ages
The Middle Ages is defined as European history dating between late 400 and early 500 BCE to 1500 CE proceeding the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 AD. 1 In the times following the fall of the empire, the emergences of newer powers burdened the country as well as advanced it. This was a time of despair and new establishments in the lands of the Europeans. This generated the creation of kingdoms in Europe, therefore royal powers. The Middle Ages ultimately reconstructed the European society and was greatly impacted by the royal powers of italy.2 The feudal system during this time consisted of the king, his nobles, knights, and then those who were ranked lower including peasants and serfs. The kings job is to control over the distribution of land and dictate those beneath him.3 To be a king you would have to be of royal descent. If the king were to die, the eldest son took the throne after. The kings granted their land to vassals in exchange for their loyalty to fight to protect the large sums of land all together. 4 The last Roman Emperor to rule in the Roman Empire, was Romulus Augustus. Augustus had been over thrown by the German Invader Odoacer, thus naming him the first ruling king of Italy before the fall of the empire. He made his way to king starting out as persons of a Germanic tribe called the scirians. Odoacer was a soldier for the Romans and escalated his authorities gaining respect from Germanic tribes while perusing power through Italy . In a chain of events, Odoacer led the troops to rebel against former Roman general Orestes who fell back on his promises of providing the land to the leaders of Italy. Although Emperor Zeno recognized Odoacer as a patrician (nobleman), he titled himself king knowing he had a fair deal of support from the country. He truly set out to make sure that italy remained under his wing while he was under demands of...
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