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Overtime, how fashion choices have changed for adolescent girls and what impact does it have on their identity formation?| |



For my research report, I have chosen to research the evolution of society’s fashion on the adolescent girl. Through the rising of hemlines and revealing garments, to discover how it has impacted on forming an adolescent girl’s own self of identity. I believe fashion is an everyday movement and an express of art; a way of showing your feeling and emotions without a sense of smile or frown.

This topic researches the processes of socialisation and the development of personality, identity and the social self through the eyes of fashion. It also demonstrates the fundamental concepts of time, society and persons. Influences through media on adolescent girls have significantly increased to what a female should wear and should not. This has impacted on shaping an adolescent girl’s personality to her social groups and environment. Therefore the question I have chosen to research is: “Overtime, how have fashion choices changed for adolescent girls and what impact does it have on their identity formation?”

Through my secondary research, I have found both positive and negative agreements regarding my question. The theory of identity being shown through a person’s outfit varies. In any society, reading clothing is part of human interaction” to “we are what wear” addresses the issue in consumer research, which is “we are what we have. (Feinberg, Mataro, 1992, pg 23.)

[Dressing Up: Clothing As A Visible Expression Of Identity]
“Vain trifles as they may seem, clothes have, they say, more important offices than merely to keep us warm. They change our view of the world and world’s view of us.” (Smutko, 2002, pg 26) Through the research of this source I have found that they agree that clothing is a source of identity of other facets such as ethnicity, religious beliefs, age, education, and class. These factors are apparent through one’s clothing. It states that reading clothing is a part of human interaction, through observation of clothing styles, we make assumptions about a person’s identity. In this source, they did a study of “Seen and Unseen Dangers; Protective Hats” This study shows Afghan and Chinese hats as examples of clothing worn for protection by its culture. This certain Chinese hat represents the carrying on of the family line, through symbols that resemble hope for a successful future, good health of the child and happiness for the duration of the child’s life. This interprets the wearer’s identity which impacts on themselves to have a sense of pride and responsibility to their family culture.

[Clothing and Textiles Research Journal]
This source states a negative disagreement to the central fact of clothing being an expression of identity of one’s self. They demonstrated two study cases to help their perspective of there should be substantial agreement between the meaning of the cues to individuals to represent themselves. Study 1 demonstrated the choosing of outfits by a certain to represent a feeling or emotion (happy, sad), and leading to an observation of another group to identify the characteristics of that certain outfit. The results showed that individuals described the outfits correctly as it was only exposed to an outfit of clothing chosen by individuals attempting to reflect their personality. In Study 2, the purpose was to examine the relationship between clothing and social identity when the clothing was not chosen to represent the individual. The brand labels of jeans were used to demonstrate this study. For example, Calvin Klein jeans were shown to represent a person who is energetic, interesting, self-confident and intelligent. The results of this study showed that clothing choices did not necessarily reflect the...
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