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Sustainable fashion designers Research task
Task one –
Designer’sStyles Designer’s philosophyDesign elementsTarget marketEco/environmental considerations Racheal CassarRacheal uses the dress look and has a theme of sexy dark colours to draw attention to the reused fabrics. Rachel says, Repurposing clothing is a great way to update your wardrobe, save money, and protect the environmentRacheal cassar uses neutral colours including black and white to symbolise the sexiness in the fabricsThe target audience is the female between the ages of late teens to late 30’s.Racheal when designing her lines considers where she can get fabric from, what she can use and if it will be effective enough whilst also not wasting any materials in between all that. Gary HarveyGary Harvey’s styles consist of long recycled dress using 30 copies of financial times, 26 nylon baseball jackets, 41 pairs of Levi 501's he uses the dress a lot.Gary Harvey believes sourcing materials that have been thrown away like recycled crisp packets; recycled jeans; and newspapers. Harvey makes very creative colourful dresses. His collection of dresses was inspired by silhouettes.Gary Harvey uses a range of elements including: size- large, small deep, shallow, fat thin.

Colour- grey scale colour black, white, light, dark.

Textures- fine, coarse, smooth, sharp, and dull.The target audience is really any female who is enthusiastic about recycled fashion and ecofriendly materials. Gary’s environmental considerations are all about saving materials and no waste of any fabrics. By creating such dresses eg; newspaper dress, jeans, baseball jackets puff dress and many more all fall into the category of recycled fashion’s.
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