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Product and Pricing

Monsoon has until recently always been known for bringing its very feminine bohemian looks influenced by east western textiles to the high street. They first started just selling clothing for woman but have expanded their products selling children’s clothing and home wear too. They have a large selection of clothing, shoes, accessories and also have another store called Accessorize that was opened in 1984 due to the success of the sales of accessories in the Monsoon stores. Monsoon have always stood out for their dresses for special occasions and was always very formal but now they are noticeably expanding and targeting a younger, trendier market with their latest collections.

Monsoon encourages recycling and energy saving throughout their business. They have always tried to produce there garments in the most natural way, starting in 1970 when they used ingredients from vegetables in dyes to add colour to different fabrics and fibres. Their products are sourced from countries in the Far East, they take a lot of inspiration from there and translate it in their products to make their bohemian looks such a success. The company are also passionate in showing commitment in promoting sustainable fashion by using organic cotton to make their products.

The Brand targets a customer in the 35-44 years of age range, this is clearly demonstrated throughout the store through clothing and visual merchandising, clothes are comfortable yet stylish. The measurements of the garments are not particularly large which means that they supply for a slim build customer but also go up to the size 22 for the curvier woman.

Below is a size guide for Monsoon women clothing.

 | Bust
(cm)| Waist
(cm)| Mid Hip
(cm)| Hips
8| S (Small)| 82| 61.5| 81| 87|
10| | 87| 66.5| 86| 92|
12| M (Medium)| 92| 71.5| 91| 97|
14| | 97| 76.5| 96| 102|
16| L (Large)| 102| 81.5| 101| 107|
18| | 107| 86.5| 106| 112|
20| XL (Extra Large)| 112| 93.5| 113| 119|
22| | 117| 100.5| 120| 126|


Although Monsoon is fast fashion it is not as ever changing as much as other high-street competitors are they have about 2-3 key trends at a time as well as other collections and concessions. There newest trend for spring 2011 is called “Parisian Chic” which is a colour pallet of blue, red and white. The collection is informal, with items such as polka dot dresses, blouses, blazers, long pleated skirts and loafer shoes. The products themselves are quite formal as there isn’t any denim and not many jersey products but they are visually merchandised casually in store and online alongside casual trousers and accessories to give a more interesting approach to the range, showing people different ways of wearing the garments. The price range is between £38 and £95 pound, which is above average for the high street. Some items do not have enough detail or quality to be priced as they are such as the white scallop cotton cardigan priced at £38.

Below are two items from the “Parisian Chic” trend.

Monsoon also does a Bridal range called “bridal boutique”. The collection dresses brides head to toe in classical merchandise including gowns, jewellery, shoes and bags. The dresses are simple yet detailed with hand embellishment; many of the dresses are white or cream, fitted and floor length made from Acetate, silk or polyester with cotton or polyester linings. They use Acetate as it drapes nicely and has a nice shine and texture. They also do less formal wedding dress which are knee length appropriate for a smaller wedding such as a registry office. The Bridal dresses are affordable for a regular customer at monsoon they range from £85 to £300. They also do a collection of Bridesmaid dresses, long and short in many different colours suitable for any age, the prices range from £75 to £190 made from a selection of quality fabrics but mainly silk....
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